Who Are We?

We are a premier leader in biological banking. Based in California, we are trusted internationally for safety, quality, and customer care. Our facility is focused on providing hope for today’s advancements and tomorrow’s health solutions.

At The BioBox, not only do we isolate your stem cells, but we also store your stem cells for future use. Therefore, should you ever need your stem cells, they are safely stored.

As an FDA-registered facility, we are dedicated to upholding the finest standards and providing the safest, most secure storage for your stem cells.

What sets us apart from other stem cell banks?

We know how important it is to think about your health’s future. That’s why it is our goal, at The BioBox, to offer every person with the opportunity to preserve his or her stem cells. If you need to use them in the future, you can rest assured that The BioBox will have your stem cells safely and securely.